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Who is a Climate Activist

Today's tweet by Sophia Kianni

Those who have started and are currently engaged in environmental and climate crisis activism know what we're talking about. We often find ourselves read as aggressive, strange and dangerous, people who exaggerate problems or even make them up. Few remain in our ranks when they experience what it is like to be an outcast in society.

Radicalism is certainly present; protesters block roads, spray paint pictures, paralyze businesses, and attack police officers. It must have worked at one time, but now there is too little time left for such actions.

A new phase has arrived. Young activists were able to find new models of interaction and more and more often we can hear their speeches from the stands, more and more often we see not only demands, but also plans for its implementation. Such activists penetrate government agencies and are able to change decisions in favor of combating the climate crisis. They are listened to and that is why they are under attack by conservative groups.

And if you still think that such activists want you to solve something, require you to eat bugs and live in rocks, just listen to what they say and suggest you do. You might find it helpful.