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Nebo inclusion

There are many examples of successful inclusive initiatives around the world, but there remain areas of life where many people are not involved and unable to influence important life processes. The environment is one of these.
In the world of air monitoring, we value open data and creative solutions. But inclusivity comes first. Inclusivity is not an advantage. It's a choice.

Creating an inclusive environment in the environmental field, based on the principles of respect and equal participation, is the goal of the Nebo project. Within its framework, everyone can participate in environmental monitoring and innovation and contribute to long-term projects. Nebo transcends the professional environment, making everyone who is part of our ecosystem - our activists, partners and customers - feel respected and valued.

No matter your education, technical skills, or where you live - you have the right to access trusted data, regardless of any other conditions. We work with you to remove barriers to full participation in the environmental life of your community.

Nebo inclusion - eliminates environmental inequality and gives everyone a tool to say you disagree if there is no choice.

  • A person's worth is not dependent on their abilities and accomplishments;
  • Every person is capable of thinking and feeling;
  • Everyone has the right to accurate information about the state of the air;