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Results 2023

Today is the time to take stock of the year.

While this world is going crazy crushing people's lives and dreams, we remain together with you. Regardless of our views, our attitudes towards events in the country and the world, our religious preferences - we are together.
We breathe the same air and that is what unites us.
In just one year:

⚡️Our sensor has been successfully tested in the laboratory and obtained the CE certificate of conformity.

⚡️NeboAir has seen the world, not without difficulties, but we were able to start production in Germany. We still have a lot of plans, improvements and refinements for the next year.

⚡️With the help of scientists we have started to improve our data and next year the NeboAir sensor will be even more accurate.

⚡️There are more of us, new cities are joining us. We are not alone in our fight for clean air. This is encouraging.

⚡️We've updated our website and apps to make it even easier for you to monitor air quality. We've added a section to calculate years of life lost, a sensor page, and updated the graphs.
💪 Thank you for being with us this year: reading, supporting and criticizing, sharing suggestions and helping each other in the comments.

🖤 We continue to believe in the bright, the power of technology, open data and living people.