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How do we beat wildfires?

How do we beat wildfires?

We have all watched as uncontrolled large-scale wildfires in #Canada , the United States, and #Siberia envelop the continents in smoke every year. They are occurring more frequently and more intensely than in the past. Much of this is due to climate change and rising temperatures

But how is the approach to this fight changing?

For example, the U.S. spends almost $5 billion a year fighting wildfires. That money goes to fund a battalion of firefighting forces, air tankers and helicopters that drop water to slow the spread of the fire. And that's obsolete at this point.

How much is new in firefighting equipment right now?

So, we're seeing technology startups that are tackling different stages of fires. Detecting wildfires before they happen. Deciding whether or not to control them. And maintaining forests in the long run to also somehow prevent unwanted wildfires.

For example, Rain is a startup that uses computer vision technology, and they basically retrofit existing aircraft into water bombers and made them autonomous with software.They equip fire departments with automated aircraft placed in high-risk areas. This helps stop fires before they get out of control. Rain Industries

The BurnBot are unmanned forest machines that create a safe zone by burning branches, leaves, anything that can start a fire underneath while the robot removes smoke from its work. These lightweight machines work remotely and are equipped with a cutting head to handle large volumes on slopes up to 60 degrees. BurnBot, Inc.

Another technology is Pano AI. Essentially, these are small cameras mounted on towers that monitor the landscape for puffs of smoke. The system uses AI to measure smoke plumes and how they grow. If it looks like it's a wildfire that could be a problem, it will automatically, alert the fire department to the exact location of that fire. Pano AI

There are many more startups like this, but it's safe to say right now that it's not enough. " firetech " needs as much funding as the scale of #wildfires we are seeing right now.