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This User Agreement (hereinafter the Agreement) regulates the relationship between IE SHPEKHT IGOR VICTOROVICH (hereinafter https://nebo.live/ or Administration) on the one hand and the user of the site on the other hand.
The site https://nebo.live/ is not a mass media.

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- use the information from this site for personal, non-commercial purposes

Administration has the right:
- at its own discretion and necessity to create, modify, cancel rules
- Restrict access to any information at the site

User undertakes:
- Ensure the accuracy of the information provided
- not to violate the serviceability of the site
- Not to use scripts (programs) for automated information gathering and / or interaction with the Site and its Services

The Administration undertakes:
- Maintain the performance of the Site, except when it is impossible for reasons beyond the control of the Administration.

Liability of the Parties
- the Administration does not bear any responsibility for the services provided by third parties
- In case of force majeure (war, state of emergency, natural disasters, etc.) the Administration does not guarantee the safety of the information posted by the User, as well as uninterrupted work of the information resource

Terms of the Agreement

This Agreement comes into force at any use of the site.
The Agreement ceases to be effective when a new version of the Agreement appears.
The Administration reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Agreement at its sole discretion.
The Administration does not notify users about the changes in the Agreement.
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