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On our Platform, users can create their own air monitoring for themselves and everyone at once.

To see
the air
we breathe
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Get a sensor and become a community scientist.

To see the air
we breathe

We are an open tech community with a mission to break down the barrier between people and environmental data.

To do this, we developed Nebo, a small affordable device to see the air we breathe.

No confusing scientific terms - environmental data doesn't have to be complicated. No pointless technical complications - the product should be simple and useful to use. Because the most complicated things, can be made accessible.

Control the measurements, don't take your word for it and help make the air visible to yourself and to everyone at once.
About us
Why is air quality measured so poorly when there is such a safe and cheap way?
From big and expensive to small and smart
Government air monitoring system
Civilian air monitoring system
Unlike reference sensors, the new digital sensors are smaller, more compact, much cheaper, easier to use, and provide high-resolution spatiotemporal concentrations of air pollutants.

As cities grow, the number of environmental problems increases

In most large cities, pollution levels are measured with specialized stations. But such stations work only within 1-3 km and download information within a few hours or a day.
Get a sensor and become a community scientist

Why aren't we taking to the streets to demand clean air?

About 120 million people in the U.S. live in areas without pollution monitoring (EPA)

120 million people in the U.S. live in areas without pollution monitoring (EPA)

Why haven't we protected kindergartens and schools yet?

More than 380 million people worldwide have COPD

More than
380 million people worldwide have COPD
Why don't many people see the problem?

Make your city cleaner

It's a platform where users can self-transmit data in the open using small sensors. Measure air quality, predict pollution, and improve your.

Engage your community

City dwellers install compact devices outside their windows that measure the level of air pollution. All the sensors are automatically combined into an open network. The more sensors installed in one area, the more accurately they can detect and predict the level of pollution.

Clearer than ever

The first step to change is realizing what you can't see with the naked eye: the air we breathe every day. With Nebo's online platform, you can easily check the air quality in your neighborhood.

Increasingly, local governments need to win the battle for evidence in order to justify the trust of citizens.

Currently, cities simply don't have enough information to develop policies. Nebo puts such a tool in the hands of citizens and local authorities.
Evaluate the air from a distance
The more people who are informed about air pollution, the better our chances are that collectively we will make a difference and the air will be clean.
Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Very Unhealthy
Air condition

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